Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lia Littlewood Artist Bio

Throughout the years I have been able to develop a relationship with this simple medium that allows me to express myself as well as engage the worlds eyes. My name is Lia Littlewood and I have been painting for four years now. I was born and raised in this blazing hot town in Yuma Arizona and have enjoyed all that it has to offer both recreational and artistically.

Using paintbrushes or my hands to create a work of art has always been a passion of mine and thanks to the many talented residents of Arizona I have been blessed to do so. I want my pieces to bring some sort of peace to the viewer, some sort of reaction that involves a bohemian feel. Fresh and not used, a new and kind of cartoonish psychedelic flow that can change the feeling of what a painting should contain. Its always in my best interest to use calming colors with a big punch to the mouth pop.

Although my art heart has just started pumping I am happy to be apart of the arts and teach my fellowman how to create and express themselves. With art being the only constant thing in my life, it is nice to experience the growth and knowledge it has given me thus far. Thank you Acrylic, Thank you Arizona, Thank you Pops.