Thursday, January 1, 2009

One day I'll be Famous

Dear Grandpa


My grandfather started to get sick again towards the end of 2007 and i felt myself slipping. My sister Stefanie and i lived with him to help my grandmother out there was hardly time for school, much less art. I painted probably once a week when usually i painted once a day and never really attached emotion with my works, i felt this time i needed to. I painted a crying self portrait in black and white and with more emotion and less color. Attaching a red faded ribbon unraveling around my face i thought it was complete and perfect to my standards. When asked about the painting, i wanted to cry every time. The painting was titled "Dear Grandpa" and the ribbon signified how I've come a little undone since my grandpa's death. He was in bed for almost a whole year. it made me sick to know the one who taught me everything, how to draw, photograph, and think like an artist is stuck in a bed. It makes me upset to see a man who use to take us out to the desert just to look around stuck to a bed all day. i loved him more than anyone, and im glad to know he's in heaven out of pain.

i signed up for PHI 120 this semester and Anthony Pitucco PhD is a great teacher who reminds me of my grandpa every time i see him. He dress's proper, talks proper, and doesn't take bull but still has humor on his side. Im glad to know there are still people in this world like him.

Images in Motion 2009

Yuma Art Center 245 South Main street
A collaboration of Music Art and Dance!
The Yuma Ballet Theatre asked for 4 paintings of Yuma through the years.
And i enjoyed doing these ones
One of Agriculture
One of Main Street
One of The Prison

and One of the new mall