Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cool Parents

Little Random, but i love them!

M.C. Escher ... THE MAN!!!

i saw the original skull w/ a cigarette by m.c. escher and liked it so i decided to pay a little tribune to it... i of course added color and a mohawk!

i have had a lot of people analyze it and i love feed back. its cool to see what people think of my stuff!

so dont tell an artist their painting is pretty, cuz we hear that more than their opinion on it!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory!

These guys were back drops for a play on Willy Wonka. the cool thing is the pipe part of the back drop is see thru so when the kid went down it, you could see them travelin! so awesome

Color is my weakness......good thing its on sale!

This painting has some hidden features for example the air balloon has the govt mule logo and we have the eat a peace for peace truck, sunflowers, the big house (where the Allman Bro museum is now located) and a hippies use front door.

I hove emphasising color into every painting so this was probably my favorite this month!!!